Additional Aftercare Options

)Of course, the veterinarian will be able to arrange cremation with our provider, Final Gift (see Services/Fees page). But should you desire alternative body aftercare, here are some options.

Urns and Memorial Items

Final Gift

Witnessed Cremation/Family Viewing

Sienna Sky Pet After Care (formerly Buddy’s Place)
65 Downing Road
Ghent, NY 12075

Final Gift – Eagle Bridge (formerly Infinity Pet Services)
54 Old State Road South
Eagle Bridge, NY 12057
(518) 686-8888

Pet Cemeteries

Saratoga Pet Cemetery
693 Saratoga Road
Wilton, NY 12831

Pet Portraits

Tilly Project affiliate – Amy Z Photography

Biodegradable Urn (comes with a regional tree to plant with the ashes)

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