Additional Aftercare Options

Of course, the veterinarian will be able to arrange cremation with our provider, Final Gift (see Services/Fees page). But should you desire alternative body aftercare, here are some options.

Urns and Memorial Items

Final Gift

Witnessed Cremation/Family Viewing

Breezy Nook Pet Crematorium (also offers Pet Funeral Services)
452 Presbyterian Hill Road
Stephentown, NY 12168

Sienna Sky Pet After Care (formerly Buddy’s Place)
65 Downing Road
Ghent, NY 12075

Infinity Pet Services
54 Old State Road South
Eagle Bridge, NY 12057
(518) 686-8888

Pet Cemeteries

Saratoga Pet Cemetery
693 Saratoga Road
Wilton, NY 12831

Pet Portraits

Biodegradable Urn (comes with a regional tree to plant with the ashes)

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