Services and Fees


Phone consultations with the veterinarian regarding end-of-life concerns are no charge.  We can help determine your pet’s quality of life and when might be the right time.  Home visits are available for patient evaluation, palliative care options, and end-of-life preparations.



  • sedation for relaxation and comfort
  • lock of hair keepsake
  • clay paw print

*Additional $70 for evenings/very early mornings, weekends.

*Additional charges may apply for aggressive animals, certain exotic species, pets over 99 lbs., holidays.

Travel charges are determined by the zone to which the veterinarian must travel. Please review our zone map below.  

Call for availability and quote for areas outside listed regions.


Pet will be cremated by themselves and only his or her own ashes will be returned (in about a week).

  • Up to 99 lbs: $220

Options for ashes return include pick up in Slingerlands (no add’l chg.) or UPS shipping directly from the cremation provider ($25).  Doorstep drop off at your home or pick up at your vet hospital may be discussed with the veterinarian.

Cremation prices include sales tax.

CREMATION (Communal)

Pet will be cremated with other pets and ashes will not be returned.

  • Up to 99 lbs: $110

If you prefer cremation service through your own veterinarian, we can transport the pet (if conducted during hospital business hours and pre-arranged with them). A $50 transportation fee will apply.


Should your pet pass at home, and you would like us to pick up for cremation, In the Comfort of Home can help:

  • Standard cremation fees apply, in addition to $50 pick up fee + Travel as above ($40 min.) +/- $70 applicable evening/weekend fee.
  • A paw print and fur clipping will be provided.

Cremation prices include sales tax.


Pet is left with family for burial.

Please consult your local ordinances regarding this option for public and wildlife safety.  Consider digging conditions, water proximity, underground utilities and long-term use of the site.


May be in the form of cash, check (made payable to In the Comfort of Home), or credit card.  Payment is due at the time of the visit.

Please consult with your pet insurance company if some of these fees may be covered.

Returned check fee is $30.


There are many aftercare options available to you that are provided by third parties. We have listed some aftercare options as a convenience to you (click here).

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